There’s No Place Like Love and Dung

Claire madly attempting escape , exiting the surgery and runs smack into Leghair er Laoghaire. Little missy desires a love potion to open a boy’s heart to her. Mmhm. Any guess what boy? Well, Claire is a bit nonplussed but decides to “help” the girl out.

Into the surgery she flies. A-ha a thought. Dunge of Horse. Jamie smells like horses anyway, sooooooo he likely won’t notice it about his doorway. Clever Claire.

Into the hands of Laoghaire the bottle goes. Instructions given that include clicking her heels 3 times and reciting “There’s no place like love.” Did you snicker? I did. Thanks Claire for the Wizard of Oz brain worm.

Poor Laoghaire you say? Nah. The girl knows he is not into her more than the shared kisses, yet still pushes forward.


Back to her escape plan.

Angus and The Port

The whole section of Angus trying to implore Claire to stay at the gathering until he catches a woman is pretty funny. So expressive is Angus. When Claire pulls out the bottle of port it only gets better.

The special port he drinks with glee. Quite drunk he shall become. A plan to execute has Claire. Dozy highlander guard is good for her.

What expression do you like best? When he smiles his whole body joins in. Like a kid in a candy store.

IMG_0944.PNG imploring to her please stay a little longer….


IMG_0947.PNG ah okay then. Oh what hae we there?

IMG_0948.PNG Claire entices him.



IMG_0950.PNG He canna contain himself.





IMG_0958.PNG Just a wee nip…. Weel maybe a bit more…..

IMG_0959.PNG Not Rhenish?

IMG_0960.PNG Port.




IMG_0962.PNG Tis strong.

IMG_0966.PNG Tis. Share it with your friends.




IMG_0969.PNG And happily he takes her up on the drunk offer.